How do I change the footer credit in Blogger?

The first thing we need to remove powered by blogger attribution is to know the id of the attribution widget.

I will show you how to remove the blogger attribution widget on the blogger blog with images or remove the footer credit link from the blogger template.

Google's free service, also known as Blogger, gives you the ability to add a custom copyright statement to your blog using a section of the design template called the Attribution Widget. However; it is possible to remove the blogger attribution widget.

What is a footer and what is Credit for a blogger?

The footer is the bottom of any paper document, moving the same idea across the Internet, it is an HTML element that appears on all the pages that make up a website and where relevant information is displayed, but it does not usually include the same part .


Why is it important to keep credit and copyright in the footer?

The content of a footer is visible throughout the website; In general, the name of the company that owns the copyright of the published content, its physical address, also its contact information in social networks, contact email, telephone, or mobile number, and also the designer's email address in some cases.

There are several options for removing or altering footnotes and copyrights. The recommendation is to keep all contact information so that visitors know how to identify you, take better advantage of the benefits of your website and increase your productivity.

Visually the footer tells netizens what the end of a page is. Thanks to the footnote, however, the company can be easily contacted and it will make it clear that it owns the content seen within the website and is responsible for it. Next, we explain how to remove the credits and copyright in the free blogger template.



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See the Full video for Footer credit change in Blogger


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