How to get free google play gift card 100% Working Code


How to get free google play gift card

Welcome, would you like to know  How to win free Google Play cards in 2021  this let me tell you that you are in the right place, here I will show you how you can get google play cards for freeand legally.

The method that I will be teaching you is not about scams or promises that you will become a millionaire with these google play cards.

How to Win Free Google Play cards in 2021

One of the ways to  get google play gift cards  is this that I will show you below is a way to get cards legally since it is a serious platform.

Not only can you get google play cards but you can also exchange them for amazon cards, Paypal, and even for play station cards to buy your favorite video games.

This consists of gathering a certain amount of points to be able to redeem them, the minimum number of points to be redeemed in  Points Prizes  is 3000, which approximately has a value of  $ 20 USD .

The redemption value may vary depending on which card you want to redeem, you can choose from more than 30 types of gift cards.

How to earn free Google Play cards with Points Prizes

Get several gift cards with the best Points Prizes platform in 2021, just sign up and start earning points.

The platform that will make you win gift cards is called  Points Prizes  and you can register from  here  just by  entering a valid email .

With points Prizes, you can obtain points in many ways, since you can choose between several tasks, such as:

Offer walls

Here you will have to answer some surveys or promote a product as you will see advertisers want to reward you for your time, as well as knowing their free products and services.

View Video Ads

These types of ads are only available in some countries. These advertisers will pay you points for watching their videos and so you can exchange them for google play cards among others.

Daily bonuses

You can also earn points for entering daily. Even if you live in a country with fewer surveys, you can earn bonuses and free daily gifts just enter and claim them in the daily surveys section.

Paid Surveys

These are survey routers that will take you to different pages. Brands want to understand their customers and improve their products with paid surveys.

Those are the ways to earn points much faster in Points Prizes and thus reach the goal to redeem gift cards.

Coupons for Points Prizes updated and Working 2020

You want to get extra points then copy these coupons to paste them in the coupons section within the point's prizes platform.

Coupons have a point limit so once the limit is reached you will no longer be able to redeem any more coupons in Points prizes.

Copy and paste these codes to Redeem coupons at Prizes points All working 100% without scams.

  • R6KLITSUB345
  • TW5LKIR562
  • GO5OLJM294
  • ICKKLK50
  • KINGY25
  • FACEPAGE1920
  • COUPON25
  • DELTA100
  • QUANTECH3000

If one of them no longer works let me know in the comments to update it.

This is how you can win Google Play cards in May 20201

This is the platform I was talking about with which you can get many cards in prize points, you just have to register from the button below.

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