How to make money blogging? & How to start a blog?

How to make money blogging?

How to make money blogging

I realize, hardly everyone writes about how to make money blogging? There are many sites where they interpret how to monetize a blog, but what they may not do is tell it from their own real experience, and that falls by its own weight.

So after convincing myself, I start to tell you what I know and think about how to make money blogging , more than anything because I live it in my own blogging flesh.

How to start a blog and make money online?

Looking for the ideal ways to make money online that are not scams? Blogger is the largest publishing platform on the planet and operates many websites.

You can use blogging to make money online doing what you love. You can work from home, on your own time, and there is no limit to the amount of money you can earn.

In this article, we will share the best "proven" ways to make money online with Blogger.

How much money can you make with a blog?

One thing is that you can earn money with a blog (that is no doubt about that) and another is the sole difference is how much you can earn or at least if you can earn enough to live with dignity.

 In my case, today I live from my blog and I have been doing it for several years and I hope there will be many more. But be careful with this, because that I do it does NOT mean by any means that it is something easy to achieve.

Earning money with a blog can be natural, but living from it I tell you that it is not.

And feel me about living from a blog refer to the revenue that the blog can make directly.

Another thing would be to live THANKS to the blog with the income that you actually generate from your work offering services or selling products through the blog, which is also great.

But as I was saying, I don't want you to have a limited vision of how much you can earn with a blog by looking only at what you can earn.

How to monetize a blog for earning online?

If I have not yet completely discouraged you with what I have told you so far. I am going to explain four steps that you should follow yes or yes to increase that probability of being able to monetize a blog, either with "direct" or "indirect" income from the blog.

1. Choose a good theme or niche: because not all themes "move" the same money or are equally competitive. 

2. Create a good blog: Create a blog by selected niche using blogger free blog platform.

3. Plan and follow a good strategy: because, for example, it is not the same to write about how cold it is at the North Pole as to recommend travel insurance to go to the North Pole.

4. Select the best way to monetize your blog: because depending on the theme or niche and the technique you are running to follow, there will be whatever ways to earn money that fit and perform better than others.

Step by step How to make money blogging from a blog given below.

1. Select a topic or niche which you like.

This is the first key or step to making money from a blog: the topic you are going to cover on the blog or the market niche you want to enter.

Because there is a big difference between writing about a topic that you really like or writing about something that you don't give a shit and you think it can make you a lot of money because if you don't like it and it's not monetizable , what the hell are you doing on that topic.

It is rare to find an untapped market already; unless it's something completely new, then it can be interesting to be the first there. But there is the dodgy thing to find any like that now.

So the ideal would be that the theme or niche of your blog already has some competition, but that they are not impossible to "beat" sites such as major brands in the sector.

 2. Create the blog which is you already selected.

Knowing the topic or niche, and having analyzed what your competition will be, you will have seen what types of blogs are working, right?

If the blogs that are hitting it in your niche use large and quality images, then so do you. And if they use a more cheesy design than a unicorn vomiting rainbows, then you too. Because if they are there, it is probably because that is what the reader of that niche "demands".

 Of course, do not make a copy, the other way around. Make a blog that is the envy of your competition, they want one like yours! Nothing to create one for free or bullshit of that. If you want to monetize a blog and you don't invest in something polite, don't hope to "pay" them for you last. 

3. Choose the ways to monetize your blog for making money online .

Now is when it makes sense to start monetizing the blog when you have already taken the previous steps. Because in most cases, till you have a blog with an obvious strategy and specific objectives, it is very difficult to make money on a regular basis.

 In fact, if you have read the article in the previous step to define the strategy of a blog which you should do without fail, you will see that the best time to monetize the blog is in the last Retention phase when there is already trust with it reader.

 Because it is not the same for your life-long neighborhood butcher to sell you meat, than for a man who knocks on your door on Monday to sell you a deliciously priced meat.

What do you have to do?

Well, choose and apply the ways to earn money that best suits your blog strategy (advertising, affiliation, sale of products or services, etc.)

Don't worry, I'll explain this to you in much more detail in the next section.

The ideal ways How to make money blogging

To begin with, not all the ways to earn money online are valid for a blog that is clarinet. A blog can be a good source of income, ways of monetizing if used right and at the right time.

 That is why I am going to explain to you which ways to earn money are the best for a blog in my opinion, of course, and I will also tell you the ones I use in this blog.


How to start a blog

This is the best way to make money through a blog and one of the most used. Come on, when your sister-in-law tells you that she is going to create a blog to make money, you already know what she means by advertising.

 The problem is that your brother-in-law thinks he's going to fill his pockets with money by putting 4 ad blocks on his blog about the white-necked stork (a blog that you and your mother-in-law are obliged to read) . And of course, then he will speak that blog advertising does not make money.

 Well, I tell you that advertising well "placed" on blogs with profitable themes or niches, gives money; and if on top of that they have many visitors, the more money it gives now, you have to know how to do it, and that is not achieved overnight.

 Some options Google AdSense: it is the most well-known platform of all (because it is from Google, of course), but this blog does not give me a crap of income, that is clear.

Google AdSense: This is the most well-known platform of all (because it is from Google, of course), but this blog does not give me a crap of income, that is clear.

 It is charged, above all, for the clicks that your visits make on the ads, which is called CPC or Cost per Click (Cost per Click). And of course, in my blog on marketing / SEO, this is not profitable because many readers already know that they are ads and do not click on them (or so I think).

 But I already tell you that there are a lot of people who do control AdSense and earn thousands of $ per month. And if you think that this way of monetizing is the one that fits with your blog

CPA (Cost per Action)

how to start a blog and make money

This form of monetization is based on the fact that the "advertiser" pays you if you get your blog visits to take a specific action that you have agreed to, be it watching a video, leaving your data, installing an application, dancing to Leticia's last hit.

What can be proven to have actually been done?

Being strict with the term CPA (Cost per Action), clicking on an ad would already be an action, but I wanted to separate it from "classic" advertising because usually, CPA refers to an action that is more difficult to achieve than a click. . .

That is why there are different types of CPA depending on the action to be achieved.

 Some options

CPL or Cost per Lead: get the user to quit their contact with the advertiser. Come on, the typical thing is that you register or send an email to accept more information, etc.

Affiliate Marketing

For me this is the best way to make money with a blog (if done well, of course) and the most beneficial for both the advertiser and you: if you get it to sell, you charge a commission.

 And yes, it would fall within the CPA since the action to be achieved is a sale, but in this case, there is a fundamental part that makes it special:

The marketing affiliate (or affiliate), summarizing much, it is to use strategies to sell (marketing) third-party products or services in exchange for a fee (membership). 

Here is an article where I explain in much more detail what affiliate marketing is and how exactly it works.

The grace is this, that it is not just about putting an affiliate link and that's it, but about getting that person to click to go buy it. You have to go to the seller convinced or almost Imperfect to buy it.

 And for that, there are many strategies that you can carry out in a blog, such as:

Make comparisons

Solve doubts or specific problems

Guide the user during a specific creation or development process

• Post honest and well-crafted reviews

Some options

Affiliate platforms or networks: these are sites where advertisers "meet" people who want to be their affiliates. You register, you look for brands or products (depending on the theme, commission, language, etc.), you ask to be an affiliate, and when they accept you, you can use the link they give you.

Sell ​​products

Undoubtedly this is one of the forms that are in fashion, especially some of its "variants" such as digital training or information products (the famous info-products) or physical products (T-shirts, mugs, etc.).

The idea is basically the same as that of any online store or eCommerce, only here the way you are going to get your customers to arrive is going to be thanks to the blog. Because the blog is a brutal mechanism to build trust, and that is one of the keys to selling.

Some options

Own products: these are products made by you (or for you, with your brand) that you sell, whether physical or digital. For example, a training course made with videos (an info-product), a ceramic vase, an ebook or a physical book that you have written and that you can sell directly from your blog with a plugin such as Easy Digital Downloads or Woo Commerce .

 You will see that this way of making money is one of the most used by many bloggers who sell their own products.

Offer services

For a professional, a freelancer, or a self-employed worker throughout life, this way of earning money thanks to the blog is the "basic" one, and by this, I mean that it would have to be YES or YES at least.

 Because as I said before, if the blog is a brutal channel to generate trust by showing what you know or do, the logical step for anyone who has found you on Google looking for something you know how to do, could well be to hire your services directly.

 Some options

Digital services: when what you offer you can do it "remotely" and deliver it to the customer over the Internet. Here are a lot of possibilities with writing, development (apps, websites, software, etc.), consulting, training, design, SEO, and a long etcetera.

 Publish a page on your blog where you explain well the service you offer (price, conditions, contact form, etc.), and give the blog a boost with good content marketing to attract readers and potential customers.

 Publish sponsored reviews and posts

One of the ways to make money in blogging is booming now that the topic of buying content and links for better SEO is so "normalized". And it is that a blog specialized in a specific topic and that has "good data", can be a gem for some sites to want that blog to link them.

 Some options

Through marketplaces: there are platforms or "online markets" where you can register your blog and set a price for advertisers to pay you for publishing a sponsored review or post.

 For example, one of the best-known marketplaces is Publicities, where you can add your blog, define what topic it is about, what topics you will NOT publish anything about (casinos, sex, etc.), what visits it has, the price, etc.

 Sell ​​your blog

Perhaps you have created a blog (or many) and you have helped it to grow little by little until you get an interesting potential. Even you may already be making a little money with it, but for whatever reason you have reached a "cap" and you can't get more out of it.

 Well, if your blog is not associated with your personal brand (logically, I wouldn't sell my blog even dead.) And you think you're going to get more out of it by selling it than by following it, sell it! There are a lot of people interested in buying sites that already have a tour or a validated idea so they don't have to start from scratch.

Some options

Directly to potentially interested parties: you can offer it through a social network, community, forum or group where you know that there are potential buyers to receive offers. Of course, you will have to explain a little about the subject it is about, visits it has, its positioning, its income, etc.


To finish, I will provide with you a short summary and make each thing clearer than water, ok?

• You can make money with a blog, but it's screwed up.

Making enough money with a blog to make a living from it is also possible, but it is still so much more screwed up.

• Forget about making a free blog and making money (or winning something interesting), you have to invest time and money.

• If you don't want to waste more time and money than necessary, you need a strategy.

Pick the ways to monetize that make the most sense with your blog strategy.

 So now you know, if you in fact hope to make money with a blog, bookmark this pole and follow all these steps.

 I can't assure you much less that you are going to get it, but I fixed that you will have more chances.

Cheer up!


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