How to Get a Free Burger King Gift Card

Burger King

Burger King nightmare of many, the caloric dream of others. There are a small number of people on the planet who enjoy very special cards. With them, they can eat for free at every McDonalds and Burger King on the planet for life. This is their story.


The name Raymond Albert Kroc may not be familiar to you. In reality, he is better known as Ray Kroc, and he was an American businessman who influenced the lives (and bellies) of millions of people as few have. In fact, he is known as the Steve Jobs of fast food.

History of Mc Donalds and Burger King

The history of McDonalds and  Burger King can be divided into two parts. In the first, the most dreamy, a small number of people, the brothers Richard and Maurice McDonald, devised and created the foundations of what was to be the famous chain.

In the second part, a single person was going to discover how to turn a local business into a global idea that sold itself to the rest of the world. That person was Kroc. Not many of his own ideas came out of his mind, but he was clever and a great salesman, so much so that he was able to take the business away from the brothers and take full control of the company.


When the businessman came to lead McDonalds, he planned to distribute a small number of cards that gave free meals. Kroc also signed and gave away a series of coupons to certain customers, which were valid to eat free for life (although sometimes with some restriction to specific foods on the menu) from any McDonald’s restaurant in the world. Unsurprisingly, as the chain grew, the value and utility of these coupons skyrocketed.

Over time, people forgot about this detail with which Kroc began his reign. Several decades later, the American politician Mitt Romney told an anecdote that put a face to one of these “lucky ones”: his father.

Apparently, he worked alongside Kroc in the early days of their expansion, which led him to have a bearer coupon for unlimited hamburgers, shakes, and fries at any establishment. In fact, McDonalds came to confirm this anecdote.

However, in addition to Romney's father, the truth is that it is not known how many of these coupons given by Kroc exist, although the official version of McDonalds is of “several people over time.”


Over the years it was also learned that the hamburger chain changed the coupons for something more in keeping with modern times: a card, the McDonald's Gold Card. These served the same purpose, although they could be limited to a single restaurant, a selection of restaurants, or, in some cases, accessible worldwide.

Who owns these cards? The known list remains limited, although more cases are known than with coupons. One of them was Charles Ramsey, the famous "Cleveland hero" who was eating a Big Mac when he heard a girl screaming and came to help her. Ramsey had found one of the three young women kidnapped over a decade from a home near his in Cleveland.

The man became a hero, and the company felt “compelled” to reward Ramsey by popular acclaim so that they would somehow recognize his heroism. In addition, the free publicity that gave them his story (which included the mention of the Big Mac) was priceless.

Mind you, it wasn't a "lifetime" card - the gift gave him free food from local McDonalds restaurants for a year, though several restaurants in his Ohio hometown eventually offered him a lifetime pass.

One the person confirmed to have a McDonalds lifetime card is billionaire Warren Buffett. In this case, it gives you free food at any location in Omaha for the rest of your life. In addition, thanks to Buffett a second millionaire holder of a gold card was discovered: Bill Gates.

In this case, the coveted McDonalds gold card entitles you to free food forever around the world. In other words, Bill Gates is the only publicly known person who has a lifetime gold card at McDonalds anywhere on the planet, although of course there will be many more.

More "celebrities". Actor Rob Lowe had a one-year card at certain McDonalds in Santa Barbara. He received it as a gift from a friend of his, David Peterson, a franchise owner and the son of Herb Peterson, the guy who introduced the Egg McMuffin in 1972.

And Burger King? His story is more or less the same as that of his rival, although in this case there is an exact number of people who enjoy the ones here called Gold Burger King Crown Cards: 12. These lucky ones have a card that gives them free food for life at any Burger King in the world.

How to Get a Free Burger King Gift Card


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Unlike McDonalds, Burger King cards are a relatively recent phenomenon that was introduced in 2006. According to the company itself, they are only awarded to people they consider “friends of the house”, such as certain Burger King workers, as a reward for their commitment over the years, and celebrities.

In this last group are George Lucas (who also associated with the chain in launch promotions for his films), actress Jennifer Hudson, actor Hugh Laurie (House), or Iron Man himself, Robert Downey Jr.

Therefore, these legendary cards are very real. That very few people own them does not have to be a bad thing, having one of them implies great power, and in the wrong hands, it could lead to the (caloric) ruin.

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