How to Make Money Playing Video Games

How to Make Money Playing Video Games

Who doesn't love making money playing video games? Obviously to all those who do not like video games. However, if this is not the case for you and you love the gaming world, then you need to know that there are ways to make money from home by playing video games.

Here we are going to tell you how to make the best options for earning money by playing video games and how to maximize them by combining them with your professional passions, for example, writing, programming, designing, etc.

Who said that playing video games always had to be an unprofitable hobby? For nothing, in fact, you can win large sums of money.

Stream on Twitch

How to Make Money Playing Video Games

The growing popularity of live broadcasts (streaming) and video games is combined with the birth of Twitch, an entertainment platform that allows you to broadcast your experience playing live video games and earn money at the same time.

On Twitch you can earn money through donations via PayPal that is voluntarily made by the community of followers of the channel that you have created on the platform, but also through the Twitch affiliate program, after meeting a small list of requirements.

Twitch affiliates will be able to earn money from home playing video games as their audience grows and subscribers grow, they advertise video games during their broadcasts, and purchases originate from their channel.

Video game trainers

How to Make Money Playing Video Games

You can earn money playing video games, but above all, training other players to do their best in online tournaments. As we mentioned before, the rise of e-Sports has unleashed a new series of professions, such as that of the video game coach.

In general, the cost of this type of service is established based on the number of training hours given, ranging approximately from 20 to $ 100 per hour, although it will certainly depend on your level of popularity in the sector and the status of demand. of your skills.

The best way to get started as a video game coach is to demonstrate your potential and build a solid fan base through channels like YouTube and/or Twitch to which you can then offer your services.

Play e-Sports

How to Make Money Playing Video Games

E-Sports are competitions in multiplayer games every day reach over the top of popularity. Be careful: nothing falls from the sky, so they require being a professional player and many hours of practice in a specific game. However, if you like video games a lot and want to live off them, this will not be an impediment.

It is an industry that moves a lot of money and that allows you to generate economic income from home playing video games producing high commissions for sponsorships but also covers many other branches to explore, being the focus of new academic specialties and professional training, which leads us to next point ...

Tournament competitions

On a smaller scale than e-Sports, there are the classic tournaments organized in trending video games, such as Fortnite, Call of Duty, or League of Legends.

Although the earnings are not always the highest in the sector, it is a great way to generate extra income thanks to video games.

Video game journalist

If yours is video games, but you also have a passion for communication and even have academic training and/or professional experience to back it up, you already have the basics to start a career as a video game journalist, either independently or just starting out. To establish contacts in the sector that offer you the opportunity to belong to their family of writers. 

Video game tester

Did you know that at least in the United States, the average salary of a person who is dedicated to testing video games (Game Tester) is $ 67,813 per year?

A succulent figure that draws the attention of many ... so you already know that this topic is very serious.

If you are a video game player, your main task will be to evaluate the experience of the game itself from the point of view of an average gamer, but with additional elements of attention, considering reporting any possible errors detected and offering suggestions for improving the product.

At first, it might sound easy, but the duration of the game sessions, the number of annotations and tests that must be carried out in the process, and the demand for analytical skills that this work entails, justify the reason for its high economic rewards.

Start a YouTube channel

The content and channels related to the universe of video games on YouTube are one of the most consumed by users, suffice it to say that Felix RAHUL GAMER, better known by his nickname on the internet, PewDiePie, the YouTuber with the most subscribers in the world, kneads a monthly fortune of 20 million for making content by playing video games from home.

But it is not necessary to be a PewDiePie to make money from home playing video games, as channels with a smaller audience also have opportunities to grow, especially if they keep up with the video games in trend and have skills such as charisma for entertainment while at the same time. At the same time, they develop high-quality guides, tutorials, and reviews.

Getting started may be the hardest, but with a lot of dedication, you can meet all the requirements to become a YouTube partner, earn money from ad viewing, and win the eyes of sponsors.


You can't get rich by playing games on your phone but there are a few options that allow you to have fun and earn some extra cash. Don't expect your day job to change them, but they can help you spend a nice lunch or subsidize your daily coffee habits.

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