Make Money from Watching Videos Online!

Today, there are many ways that the Internet facilitates earning money from home. With which, in addition to your offline work, you will have the possibility of obtaining extra earnings or, if you are a student, you can use your free time to work online and earn income without much complication.

Make Money from Watching Videos

Thus, one of the most common practices to obtain money through the Internet today is based on watching online videos. This being a kind of job source that has had a great impact in the present century and is expected to show great applications in the very near future. Since its demand is remarkable and there are already several web pages that allow you to obtain money in that way.

Therefore, if you are interested in accessing the world of commerce through this recognized practice, it is important that you take into account which is the best online platforms to earn money by viewing videos from the comfort of your home and without deception. This is why we will detail some of the most interesting and reliable solutions so far.


 List of the best online platforms to make money online by watching videos

In general terms, we limit that each and every one of the Internet users who choose to earn extra money online by watching videos, will have to register on the platform they decide to use for it. Since then, the way to collect income will depend on the operation of the website in question.

In this sense, we proceed to mention and detail the main characteristics of the most optimal online platforms available to acquire silver in this way:

It is estimated as one of the most recognized web platforms to watch videos and make money with it easily. In it, registration is extremely simple, since it can be done through the Facebook account and thus, with just two clicks, you can already be a member of this community. Once you enter it, you have the advantage of observing all the audiovisual elements you want during the day, thanks to the fact that there is no daily limit for that.


That is why it is distinguished by having a truly interesting way to get money, taking into account that it also carries out raffles every two minutes. Among other characteristics, we affirm that the platform works in all countries without restriction, its minimum payment is 0.02 cents, and you can request payment every day without problems and obtain them through a bank account or through PayPal. Apart from that, there is no membership (everything is free), their referral program has an unlimited level with 5% and although the page is in English, you can translate it using Google.

Regarding its operation, we limit that Skylom provides money for each video you watch, it has a section in which it carries out raffles every two minutes, the prizes of these raffles go up to $ 500 and as it has no daily limitations, you can win money anytime.

It consists of an online platform that contains several ways to earn money online. One of them is based on accessing the video section and consuming content in that way to earn profits. There, you will only have to register, free of charge, with your email address to create a username and password, which you will access soon.

In addition to this, you can also collect points for trying certain games, completing offers, filling out surveys, downloading apps, viewing ads and with direct referrals; apart from viewing the available videos. Thus, once you have points in your account balance, they give you the possibility to charge them by PayPal or exchange them for gift cards. Valuing that, the minimum to be able to charge is 250 points (equivalent to 2 dollars in PayPal).

With an interface very similar to Skylom, due to the fact that it belongs to its creators, we emphasize this other ideal solution to acquire earnings for watching videos from there and hitting its category. Basically, the platform provides you with a ticket for every 5 videos transmitted and the longer each draw lasts, the more opportunities there will be to accumulate tickets. However, initially, it provides only 15 tickets as a content viewing limit (per 24 hours).

Now, not all the tickets obtained will be the same, since its modality is based on the fact that there are first, second, and third place tickets. Thus, if you get first place, the reward will be much higher (up to 50). Regarding the collection of earnings, it can be done through PayPal or Amazon and you can also get Gift Cards on different websites (iTunes, Google Play, Facebook Game, etc.).

Another web page very similar to Skylom and, therefore, to Bamako; used to watch videos on the Internet and generate profits that way. In this way, the operation consists of observing YouTube videos to get participation or tickets for the raffle that takes place daily. For this, you will have to go to the menu that says "Get a ticket" on the main page and once you are in that section, it is important to start the video until its playback ends.

Next, you must assign a category to the video displayed (rap, jazz, pop, rock, etc.), and for every 5 videos completed correctly, you will get a ticket for the daily lottery. In which, you will have to choose 5 numbers and in case one is the winner, you will be able to acquire your win. Regarding the payment method that it supports, we limit that it is by bank transfer, PayPal, or Amazon, it also accepts all countries in the world and handles 7 levels of referrals in total (taking 50% of the profits of the first level). .

 How much money can you earn by watching videos on the Internet?

This is one of the most recurrent doubts presented by Internet users who are interested in obtaining money by watching videos on the Internet. But, although the mentioned pages are guaranteed to pay reliably, it is actually difficult to predict an exact figure of what each user can earn on them or the money that the average person will make using these business avenues.

In this sense, there is no single answer with which we could tell you the amount of money you are going to acquire by viewing videos since this will depend on several aspects, which are basically:

The number of audiovisual elements that you reproduce.          

The duration of the same.          

The remuneration agreed by the platform for each video viewed.          

• The  to The number of referrals you have.

The reproduction limit that the web handles          

As well as some other factors, since the time you invest in these pages and your patience are also essential.

However, the most effective trick to obtain the greatest amount of profit possible is based on accumulating a good number of referrals on the website in question. Since, despite the fact that, in general terms, these online platforms do not pay a lot of money, if you have several referrals and they work hard, your earnings will increase significantly. Whereas, for each referral they give you around 1 and 3 dollars.

As a recommendation, we advise you to use your social networks to attract referrals and thus acquire more money. In addition, if you have an active YouTube channel, you can use the points you have to give visibility to the channel, increase your number of subscribers and thus earn more referrals who view the monetized videos.

 Learn to identify the SCAM. How to know if a website pays or is a fraud?

Today, the term "SCAM" is widely used in the computing environment to refer to scams that are carried out electronically. Therefore, it is used to define fraud or embezzlement attempts through a fraudulent email or a fictitious web page.

In this sense, cybercriminals take advantage of all possible mechanisms to deceive people and thus use the supposed online platforms to earn money, in order to deceive users. The reason  why, it is convenient to know how to identify the SCAM and verify if a website pays or is a fraud, in these cases of watching videos to earn money.

For this, the first recommendation is based on, once you register, check if the online page displays any type of advertising, like the videos it shows. Since, otherwise, it will be an indication that the website does not have any income or money and, therefore, is not dedicated to rewarding its users with this kind of earnings.

In addition, you can rely on the following suggestions that allow you to intuit if it is a website that makes SCAM or if, truly, it is a reliable platform that will pay you your income:

Check the web address: In case the site ends with a .org domain, you must be sure that it is not an official website. On the other hand, if it ends in .com, this means that it is a secure page to some extent.

• Read the home page: Before registering on the platform, take your time to review their home page and check all the information posted there. It is important that you do not fall for the tricks of the application forms before reading the full text, which can advise if the site is unofficial.

• The HTTPS-d'or the HTTP? : Although this is not the best guarantee there is, Internet users are also advised to check that the famous "HTTP" is displayed at the beginning of the URL address of the online platform. In addition, if you begin to provide personal information, the "HTTPS" will serve as a means of encryption to protect your data. 


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